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The Angler's Mark


Thank you for visiting The Angler's Mark! 
For those of you who live and breathe fishing,  these handcrafted products truly reflect the "art of angling".  The maker, Lawrence Piper, has combined his life-long love of fishing with 25 years of crafting leather to produce these items.  Place them on a shelf in your favorite room or present them as a gift to the angler who thought they had everything!
Please browse these pages and hopefully you'll find something unique:

The 5x7 leather pictures are hand carved, stamped and dyed and depict an angler's scene.  Stainless steel flasks with a screw top are bound with  handcarved, stamped and dyed leather.  The fishing creels are handwoven and then leathered.  Leather is stamped and dyed, then hand sewn onto the creel.  All of the hardware is solid brass and each creel comes with a shoulder strap.  We also offer leather fly wallets, journals, and an assortment of (6) hand-tied saltwater flys to be fished for seatrout and redfish.


4x6 Leather picture

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Redfish and Seatrout flys
Six Flys

Fly Wallet
Wool padding and inner pocket
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Leather cover with standard 5x8 journal
Redfish Tail'in

Half round reed Creel, Leathered

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6oz Stainless Steel flask
Speckled Seatrout


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